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Miguel Miranda, Managing Director Consulting in Marketing, Business and Intrapreneurship www.mbi-consulting.gmbh Founded in 2017 MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH dedicates time to working with under-performing SMEs and transforms them into vibrant revenue machines. The formula for success is a three-step process - Analyse, Dominate and then Exit. 1. Analyse: MBI assesses the team and looks under the hood of the business, to find out what works and what doesn't. That way MBI can find out the true potential of the business. MBI implements cutting edge methodologies like Customer Development and Value Proposition Design. 2. Dominate: With the facts and figures available, MBI can then start working on the implementation plan to gain market leadership using Authority Marketing (e.g. branding, digital marketing, lead generation), converting more sales and creating strategic alliances with market players. 3. Exit: MBI accompanies the business through the entire exit process by maximizing the value of the company for an exit so the shareholders can have a big payday. This is done, by generating predictable repeatable recurring revenue, automating systems, building high-performance teams and preparing the venture for the exit deal. Miguel Miranda is a Business Development Executive and consults Scaleups and SME‘s based on the MBI three-step-process formula (Analyse, Dominate and then Exit) for more growth and profits. Miguel Miranda also coaches as an Advisor Startups from Idea to Exit using the Analyse-Dominate-Exit Methodology.

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