10 great things we will always remember about 2016

The new year is now upon us, and many of us breathed a huge sigh of relief when 2016 officially became a thing of the past.

After a year of celebrity deaths, a huge refugee crisis, and let’s just say “divided” political opinions, it’s easy to see this past year in a negative light. Heck, just when we thought 2016 was over, it took both George Michael and our beloved Princess Leia.

But contrary to popular belief, 2016 wasn’t all bad. Yes, really! To mention but a few things—Tesla finally landed in Spain, the Las Vegas government is now running entirely on renewable energy, and homelessness in the US has declined by 35% since 2007.

To help 2016 shed its bad reputation, we asked our fellow Typeformers for one positive event they will take away from last year. So, here’s the 2016 good memory lowdown.

1. The first-ever team of refugees competed in the Rio Olympics

2. A solar-powered plane completed an entire voyage around the world

3. Ebola was eliminated from West Africa

4. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature

5. Juno landed on Jupiter after a five-year journey

6. António Guterres was elected the 9th Secretary-General of the UN

7. The Norwegian government passed a bill to make gender changes easier

8. A Tribe Called Quest released a posthumous album

9. SpaceX landed a rocket at sea for the first time

10. A penguin became a Brigadier in the Norwegian King’s Guard

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