6 things we'd love to see at the next TNW event

Bravo TNW for another amazing conference! It’s not easy to improve an already great thing. But we asked anyway, and here’s what we heard.

Put drones to good use

Setting up temporary Wi-Fi for thousands of people can’t be easy. And overall it worked pretty well. But you know how dependent us tech-heads are on that signal.

Idea: Why not have hotspot drones that find and hover over the biggest crowds of people? Maximum Wi-Fi coverage and efficiency. And it’d make a great PR story.

Fix the stairway to heaven

The Pitch Tent was a cool, cage-match-inspired setup to spread big ideas. But the stairs up to the second floor were all different sizes. I had a little stumble. And then I heard a thump behind me.

Idea: It could be a sign, a person, blinking lights—something to say “Hey, watch your step!” Or you could just make all the stairs the same size, but that kind of goes against the Amsterdam tradition.

Integrate IDs

The RFID bracelets are a cool idea. But some people found that carrying a laptop, passport, plus two TNW IDs–on wrist and neck–was a bit unnecessary. And a lot of people we talked to felt that eliminating cash eliminated convenience.

Idea: Integrate the RFID chips in the name badges, and make cash an option. And to get more buy-in, why not share where the data goes? I’m still wondering whether TNW knows how many bratwursts, beers, and pulled pork I ate.

Improve bathroom flow

The porta potties were high class, if there is such a thing. But there were four water taps with just one soap dispenser in the middle. This sent people jockeying for position to squirt, lather, and roll.

Idea: Why not have soap dispensers on each side of the sink? We know it’s petty, but details matter.

Share the love in the Dome

The Media and Marketing Dome looked amazing. From the outside. But I never got in the door. Every time I tried, there was either a massive line or all the seats were full. That’s what happens when you’ve got so many great talks lined up.

Idea: How about a big screen outside the Dome? This way people can enjoy the talks while they finish their brats and beers. Or just tell me to get more organized and arrive earlier.

Reduce airport stress

Airport days are always stressful. And we heard from a few people that the luggage pick-up line could have been faster. Plus, this is the last memory that people plant right before leaving the conference.

Idea: Ok, we admit we don’t have a great solution for this one. But we’re hoping someone can come up with a fix for this ever-present day-of-airport anxiety.

And BTW, very impressed with the trash cleanup service–thanks so much to all the workers for keeping TNW clean. Can’t wait for next year!

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