6 dating apps that are as original as you

At least 5% of American couples met their S.O. online.

Because in this day and age, everyone knows someone who knows someone who found love on a dating app. Hell, even I know someone who met their husband on Tinder (that person is me).

But chances are, you’ve been swiping for love in all the wrong places. Lucky you, we’ve put together 6 dating apps to help you get through Valentine’s Day. 

1. Hater, meet people based on your common hatred of things

Often people become friends because of their common interests. But people with a common hatred tend to be attracted to each other—whether it’s chewing with your mouth open, raisins, or pumpkin spice lattes. So why not try to find a partner based on the things you hate?


2. Sizzl, must love bacon

And you thought “must love dogs” was exaggerated. This very real dating app takes must-haves to a whole new level. To the level of bacon. Meet Sizzl, the app that allows you to find love based on your love for bacon, just in case you thought it your bacon dreams couldn’t come true. 


3. Happn, find people you’ve crossed paths with

We’ve all had that friend who had a crush on the local barista. Or we’ve been there to see it unfold in real time. Cringeworthy. What if I told you that there’s an app that gives you an opportunity to talk to your crush without having to order endless coffees? Happn gives you a shot at it. How? Every time you cross paths with another member of the app, it shows up on your timeline. Since most people believe in love at first sight, this app gives you a chance that it might happn. 


4. Hinge, the relationship app

One of the perks of technology is that there’s an app for every kind of person out there. This one is for people looking for a serious relationship. Chances are, you’re tired of casual dating or swiping for love. Self-proclaimed the “relationship app,” Hinge creates meaningful bonds between people seeking real connections.


5. Bumble, find your honey

Much like in a beehive colony, on Bumble females do all the work. How? By making the first move of course. Once you match with your “honey” you have 24 hours to approach them before the match expires. Beware though, conversations can be one-sided. Literally.


6. Tastebuds, meet people through music

Gone are the days of convincing your friends to go to the concert of that obscure band only you follow. Enter Tastebuds, the social network that allows you to meet people with similar music tastes. Now you can meet people who share the same love for The Mr. T Experience. And stop harassing your friends.


Now that you’ve got the gear, will you take the plunge? Perhaps you’ll be creating a wedding RSVP sooner than you think. 😉