9 Parting words: design for success

Customer success is a reimagining of what it means to have a relationship with your customer. It’s a relationship that can extend way beyond the initial sale, or it can end with the silent treatment.

Because churn is a luxury afforded to customers of subscription-based products and services. So in a recurring revenue business, you have to continually prove yourself. It’s a challenge, but there’s also big opportunity.

In the words of Jonas Stanford, director of Customer Success at Unbounce:

You’ll need a continuous understanding of customers’ motivations and barriers. You’ll need a proactive team itching to solve problems–a blend of genuine empathy and data-informed thinking. And you’ll need the right tools, technology, and metrics to stay on track.

And then? Focus on that long-term relationship. Because when you move customers toward their goals, they keep coming back. And they just might bring a friend.