Lead generation Nearly everything you need to know

A couple months back, I was at a digital marketing conference in Amsterdam. During a break, I grabbed a cup of stale conference coffee and started browsing the booths.

Most people gave me a few seconds to browse their material before moving in for the pitch. But not this girl. She launched in front of me like a full-page web pop-up.

“Do you need a better way to manage your fans online?”

Before I could break the news that I don’t have any fans, she was already explaining all the things her product did. She gave me a demo of the software. Then she made an offer I couldn’t resist:

“We’re giving away these swag bags. You just have to let me scan your conference badge.”

I didn’t need swag. But my kids love free stuff, so I said “Sure.”

Then exactly seven days later, I got the follow-up email:

“It was great meeting you in Amsterdam! Thanks for your interest in [product name]… blah, blah… feature, feature…” Delete.

She had committed the first sin of lead gen: collecting emails, instead of connecting with people.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. 1 Build your funnel
  3. 2 Hack H.E.R. brain maps
  4. 3 Swap value for email
  5. 4 Optimize landing page
  6. 5 Approach your audience
  7. 6 Track lead gen metrics
  8. 7 Parting words