Parting words: connect, don't collect

Connect (verb) /kəˈnɛkt/
1. bring together so that a real link is established.
2. form a relationship or feel an affinity.

Forget about casting a wide net and hoping for the best. Your job is to generate interest in you and what you do. This doesn’t happen in one go. It’s a relationship that unfolds over time through a mutual exchange of value.

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Define your target. What problem do you solve for your users? What goal do you help people accomplish? Know your target audience.
  2. Pick your pitch. Where is your target in their customer journey? What info are they looking for? Create an offer that appeals to this audience.
  3. Perfect your approach. Is your offer clear and your landing page friction-free? Are you engaging their attention until they click submit? Make it easy for them to pass you their info.
  4. Get the word out. Where is your audience when they need you? How do they like to be engaged? Help your audience find you.
  5. Evaluate your success. Are you investing in the right channels? Did you connect with the right people? Remember, it’s about potential customers, not email addresses.

And don’t forget the larger customer journey. Create content that delivers value at all stages and in every micro-moment of the customer quest.

Think of each interaction as a value-based exchange.

You provide relevant, engaging info, they give you their attention. You present an irresistible offer, they pass you their contact info. You have a product that helps them get through the day, they become a loyal customer.

How do you know your lead gen strategies are working? When the right leads start looking for you.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. 1 Build your funnel
  3. 2 Hack H.E.R. brain maps
  4. 3 Swap value for email
  5. 4 Optimize landing page
  6. 5 Approach your audience
  7. 6 Track lead gen metrics
  8. 7 Parting words