• ChallengeHow do you turn free users into loyal, paying customers?
  • SolutionFocus on user personas and create surveys that identify free users and their needs.
  • ResultMore free users become paying customers via a more tailored marketing strategy.

Remember the days when you picked up a magazine and actually flipped through the pages? That feeling of paper turning over as the words and pictures on the next page revealed themselves.

Flipsnack brings that feeling back to your online catalogs and magazines. Their publishing platform is helping more than 3 million users create flippable digital works that engage audiences of all kinds. How have they grown such an immense user base? And how do they get free users to actually pay for their platform?

For Flipsnack, it all boils down to one simple principle: get to know people and understand what they actually want.

We caught up with Flipsnack’s Content Marketing Manager, Adelina Noge, on her quest to better understand the needs of their free users. Begin here to see how she did it:

That's the short story from Adelina. You can take a look at the typeform survey they sent to free users .

What's next?

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