Senior Engineering Manager

Hi! Before diving into the job details, let’s give you some context on who we’re looking for and what to expect when joining the team. We look for people who are curious, ready to own their objectives, and passionate about engineering. Our environment is perfect for those willing to become a change agent and roll up their sleeves to build our rocket ship.

Alright, but why Typeform? 

Typeform Engineering is renowned for creating the environment to make our customers happy by applying engineering excellence to solve practical problems in areas of security, UX, innovation and engagement. 

We believe in open source and innovation, and we encourage you to contribute to the open-source communities that interest you. Every quarter you can join a 2-week hackathon. These sessions often give new product features and architectural changes.

Finally, we’re remote first. Independence, ownership and flexibility are what you can expect from our remote-first mindset.


Sounds great? What about the role?

We are looking to speak with Senior Engineering Managers to expand our international community of Typeformers. You will help us accelerate our teams growth, define teams technical strategy and help maintain high-quality standards across our teams. 

  • You have a strong understanding how to drive a thriving Engineering culture
  • Ability to balance bottom-up contributions to architectural improvement with the practical needs of a rapidly scaling business
  • Experience managing engineering teams across multiple geographies
  • Experience in coaching and developing teams career wise
  • Ability to  to partner with Product Management to break down large, complex projects into multiple teams with rapid iterative milestones and clear outcomes, to produce a predictable product and engineering roadmaps
  • Ability  to drive sustainable growth of the Engineering organization, finding, retaining and developing top talent

And the Team?

You will partner with our Biztech and Product teams from the US and our Core Product teams in the EU. All motivated to deliver our mission: Bring people closer with better conversations.

We’re looking at building up our:

  • Blocks Team: Creates, owns, and continuously improves all the question types (blocks) for Typeform. We believe in better ways of asking. 
  • Integrations team: Makes Typeform part of our customers’ tech stack and combines the power of Typeform with other solutions and ecosystems. We know how to bring Typeform to other marketplaces and how to bring third-party capabilities into the Typeform experience (e.g., via new blocks).


What’s next for us? 


We believe we can create that world by living our mission: to bring people closer with better conversations. And we want to honor our Brand promise: Bring people in. To fulfill our vision and mission, our remote 450 Typeformers from 55 countries come together to live up and deliver on that promise. 


In addition to being a validation of what we’ve built, Our recent $135 million Series C funding round results from countless wins that we achieved together. We will accelerate product development, nurture emerging technologies, expand headcount, and deepen strategic partnerships across our platform with this investment. 89% of companies say online is their principal customer interaction channel. Yet, only 34% of companies treat customers as unique individuals. Are you ready to join us and make a difference?

Interested? Hit apply and show us what you've got.

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Dear talented engineer…

Yes, you! You’ve got skills in abundance and companies are knocking at your virtual door. But you’re looking for somewhere special—with people who care about you, your interests, and motivations. Here’s why we believe Typeform is that place:

What we do matters.

Typeform is used by about 2% of the world’s population every year, with millions of typeforms answered every day—and we’re growing constantly. Sheesh! That’s why we need you. You’ll help us build scalable, resilient software and systems that empower people to have more meaningful interactions with their customers, communities, employees, and more.

It’s all about the team.

You’ll work with people from all over the world—55 nationalities and counting. A group of humble, talented, diverse folks who value autonomy and end-to-end ownership of projects. You’ll be given all the tools you need for continuous delivery and ongoing experimentation.

We believe in open source.

We're building Typeform on top of open-source projects—like Golang, React, NextJs, K8S, and Django—and we encourage you to contribute to the open source communities that interest you. You’ll get a $15 donation credit for every hour you contribute to open source software, which you can donate to a charity of your choice.

You’ll never stop learning.

Our start-up days may be behind us, but we’re no stuck-in-the-mud corporate buzzkill. There’s always something happening, with opportunities to level up your skills while solving challenging problems. You’ll be given responsibility and a chance to get involved in both tactics and strategy. And you’ll have a structured career path, with $1000 per year to invest in your own development as you see fit.

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword here.

Okay, innovation is always a bit of a buzzword. But we’re the real deal. Every quarter you can join a 2-week hackathon, where you can make your own project proposal or team up to work on somebody else’s. You’ll get to meet people from different teams, work on different tech stacks, and contribute to our product roadmap. These sessions often give birth to new product features, and even architectural change.

We’re remote first.

It’s not where you live that matters, it’s where you’re at—your skills, mindset, and attitude. We hire across the US and Europe, and you’ll join a team that suits your time zone. You’ll be made to feel at home from the first moment, thanks to our thoughtfully designed remote onboarding. And you’ll get a $1000 one-off payment to kit out your home office, plus $120 per month to cover any extra expenses. Travel is hard right now, but when the world is back on its feet, feel free to stop by our San Francisco or Barcelona offices to say hi.

How you ask is everything.

Start creating