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Head of Customer Success Operations

Are you a seasoned Saas operations guru? Are you hands on? Do you love to dig into metrics to find insights others might have missed? Are you obsessed with optimizing everything you do?  Can you promote a culture of efficiency while keeping the people around you happy?  If so, we might just have your dream job on our Customer Success team.

About the role

Our Customer Success team is structured in 5 pillars: Customer Support, Education, Customer Experience, Account Management, and Sales.  Historically each team has been responsible for their own metrics, processes, and tools.  At the scale our Customer Success team has reached (26 of us now with plans to be over 40 by the end of 2017), we feel the need to implement a centralized and specialized Operations team, which would support each pillar with their data, processes, and tools requirements.  By supporting all 5 pillars you will have a holistic view of the customer journey and will identify ways that each pillar can work better together.

You will be reporting directly to the Director of Customer Success, and will have the opportunity to build a team of Operational experts to support our growing Customer Success team.  

Key responsibilities


  • Create and monitor dashboards of real-time metrics for each pillar
  • Track the impact of our projects on metrics and calculate ROI
  • Make pillar heads aware of anything that happens which is out of the ordinary
  • Through metrics identify hidden issues, potential wins, and areas of improvement


  • Find opportunities to increase automation
  • Find opportunities to improve existing tools
  • Optimize the usage of tools across pillars


  • Help project-manage cross-functional projects (across pillars or across departments)
  • Ensure that processes within pillars are efficient and well documented
  • Train people on how to follow processes effectively


  • Proactively identify pain points and gaps in the org, and come up with solutions
  • Effectively turn ambiguous, complex problems into structured solutions 

About you

  • Friendly and helpful
  • Passion for making our customers successful
  • Ability to influence and drive change without direct authority
  • Resourceful, independent, “hustler”
  • Experience working for a SaaS subscription business
  • Experience working in an Operational role for a customer-focused team
  • Experience scaling and leading a team
  • Ultra-organized and detail-oriented
  • Analytical and metrics-driven (ideally with experience using Tableau)
  • A confident communicator able to work with people from different backgrounds and tenure
  • Handles pressure and doesn’t get stressed or overwhelmed easily
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinker
  • Have a good understanding of key SaaS metrics
  • Fluent in English (we work in English)

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