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Financial Controller

We love numbers. We love seeing certain numbers grow: the number of people creating typeforms, the number of successful customers, and our MRR (who doesn’t love MRR?).

And we love adding great people to our staff.

Our Finance team is looking for a passionate Financial Controller.  

Here’s Huw, our CFO:

“The Finance department is growing fast, and as a result we need someone who’s quick to adapt. We’ve got an amazing opportunity here to build new processes any way we want.”

Does your financial experience add up? Do you meticulously dig into detail? Are you quick to adapt and fast to anticipate future needs? (Do you like plants and gourmet lunches?)

You’ll manage day-to-day financial activities, prepare monthly closings, and balance our books. You’ll work closely with an external consultancy to deliver accurate and on-time financial reporting. You’ll also support other Typeform teams with accounting and admin.

The Role

You will:  

  • Coordinate with financial and taxation service providers to create reports and year-end accounts.
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial analysis, reports, statements, subsidiary schedules, and audits.
  • Oversee Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, banking, and collection.
  • Handle the balance sheet and profit/loss, reconciliation, accruals, and provisions.
  • End each month on a win—complete the end of month closure.
  • Ensure data quality.
  • Support external service providers and internal needs.
  • Nail external audits.
  • Perform ERP implementation and consolidation (this would be a plus).

We asked Huw to sum up:

“You’ll have two key objectives—manage accountancy, and improve controlling. You should have a global vision of financial processes. Accountancy experience is a must!”


  • You’re a generally lovely person.
  • You have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, or something similar.
  • You ideally have a Masters in Finance, MBA, or CPA.
  • You’ve got experience as an auditor for a minimum of 3 years.
  • You’ve got 2-3 years of experience in General Accounting, Cost Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Treasury. If you’ve done it in a multinational tech company—even better.
  • You can juggle a lot of tasks at the same time. Juggle with fire. While running.
  • You’re meticulous with detail, you devour problems for breakfast, you manage time like a true leader, you organize the heck out of things, and you’re a great communicator.
  • You’re multilingual: English, Spanish, and Excel.

Any more last-minute insights from Myriam (our FP&A Manager)?

“You should be decisive and hands-on. We know where we want to get to, but it’s down to you to show us how to get there. I won’t be handing out any guides! It will be challenging and fun.”

If this all equates, show us your working and apply below

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