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Office Manager

We like our home. Unlike our real home, fresh strawberries magically pile into fruit bowls, loaned books quietly get returned, and fatboy bean bags stay permanently plumped.

Here’s Gabriela, Director of our Home team:

“The home team has a big impact on the day-to-day experience here. We pay close attention to the environment—not just the physical environment, but the culture as well. We work with a purpose that goes beyond the building itself.”

This, of course, is carried out by some wonderful people. And we’re looking for one particularly wonderful person to coordinate it all.

Are you obsessed by tech tools that can improve office operations? Do you lead, encourage, and support people by example?  Do you let out a little yelp of joy every time you hear the words “organization” and “prioritization”?

Do people look forward to having conversations with you?

If so, we’re all ears.

The Role

Our Office Manager is the person who makes it all happen. You’ll be responsible for overseeing admin duties and office policies, planning great team events, liaising with suppliers, and spreading the feel-good factor around the office like spreading a good pa amb tomàquet.  

Want specifics? You will:  

  • Lead and execute administrative office operations and team-related initiatives.
  • Develop and update docs for standard operating procedures at Typeform HQ.
  • Make sure we’re always providing a great service to employees and vendors.
  • Oversee the catering service: supply, quality control (a good excuse to eat everything), contract, menus, payments, and feedback.
  • Liaise with our office suppliers so the Product team never run out of giant post-it notes.
  • Plan purchasing operations as we grow.
  • Make newbies feel welcome.
  • Run Typeform’s book library.  
  • Ensure there’s a great physical working environment. Until we’re all working in VR workspaces, at least.
  • Be the glue that holds the Home team together: schedule meetings and plan all team-building activities.

The last point is of particular importance. The Home team holds a meeting once a month called Align Awesomely where good practice is shared and honesty between team members encouraged.

Here’s Gabriela again:

“In the office, we’re often working behind the scenes, independently of other teams and managers. These meets are great opportunities for us to align with the company culture, find things in common, and recharge our batteries.”

Take a look at this list and see if this resonates:

  • You contribute to a fun, high-energy, collaborative, and rewarding team environment.
  • You demonstrate professionalism and maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive issues.
  • You manage time like Pep managed FC Barça.
  • You’re ridiculously organized and you prioritize well.
  • You’re not a flip-flopper. You make decisions and find solutions.
  • You have strong project management and analytical skills. You can take on several projects at the same time.
  • You’re tech-savvy, with intimate knowledge of business tools like Hivy, Slack, Google Drive, Trello, Calendars, and so on. You bring new tools to the table.
  • You inspire people by modelling productive behaviour and lifting up your staff.  
  • You’re great at listening to people and acting on what they’ve said.
  • You’re an excellent communicator.  
  • You’ve worked effectively in a product and/or tech environment, and have a deep understanding of operations.
  • You’re eager to understand the “why” of every situation to maximize your impact.

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