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Create a chatbot for your website

Chatbots have changed how people interact with businesses online, and Typeform Chat is an incredibly fast, easy way to create your own. From attracting leads to recommending products, Chat lets you engage your audience with a life-like chat, while making the most of automation and efficiency.

A chat experience feels more personalized, as if there's a real person there listening to you, attending to your needs.

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Lead capture chatbot template

If you’re asking people to share their details, make it worth their while. And if you want to get to know them, keep it human with a conversation. Create a chatbot that gives more than it takes—and make your lead gen fun, friendly, and interactive.

Website navigation chat

Customer support chatbot template

Being helpful pays off. Ask people what they need, point them in the right direction, and provide useful info with a website chatbot. Make a great first impression and offer an enjoyable experience that encourages action.

product recommendation 

Product recommendation chatbot template

Whether people know exactly what they’re looking for or are browsing for inspiration, create a virtual shopping assistant with this template. It’s a fun, more personalized way to recommend products on your website.

Event registration chat

Event registration chatbot template

Create excitement around your event by striking up a conversation that informs, inspires—and gets you the signups you need. Here’s an example to help you get started.

The easier, faster way to delight customers with a chatbot

Engage your visitors in a personal and seamless way

Answer questions and delight your audience with an experience that’s automated yet personal. Chat lets you engage with more people, saving you time while getting great results. Embed your chat directly on your website to welcome people in, or add it as a popover when it looks like they could use a little help.

Keep the conversation going

As with all typeforms, you can sync the data you collect with your chatbot to other tools you use, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Intercom, Zapier, Slack and more. So you can continue the conversation through your entire marketing workflow, nurturing leads and building customer relationships

Create your chatbot in minutes

It's incredibly easy to create your own chat, and start getting results, fast. Use a template or design your own from scratch, and watch your chatbot come to life. You can also create personalized journeys, so people are shown different content and questions based on their previous answers. Our built-in logic makes it a cinch.

Free to get started

Chat is included with any Typeform account. It’s the perfect way to try something new, and surprise and delight customers, with minimal investment.

The chatbot was a more attractive and interactive option for sharing the info people were looking for, and a friendlier way to collect their details. So it worked as both a lead capture tool and a website assistant.

Paloma Palomo testimonialPaloma PalomoMarketing Strategist @ Hint

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