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Turn typeform responses into new or updated email subscribers in ConvertKit

By: Typeform

If you’re an online creator, it’s probably safe to say that email is an important channel for staying in touch with customers, attracting new ones, and keeping everyone engaged. You never know when a potential prospect will convert and it doesn’t hurt to keep them engaged with interesting content. Whether you’re looking to attract new subscribers to your email base, grow your community, inspire your fans, or keep folks in the loop about new launches or upcoming events, ConvertKit makes it easy to build, connect, and grow your audience, no matter what kind of story, side-hustle, or passion you seek to share.

With Typeform and ConvertKit, it’s even easier to keep your audience engaged with an interactive typeform that seamlessly integrates with your ConvertKit account. Want to get more subscribers to your newsletter? Create a personalized typeform with videos, emojis, and picture responses and voila! as soon as the respondent hits “submit,” they’ll be subscribed to your newsletter base. Perhaps you want to segment subscribers based on certain interests or qualifications and create multiple lists from the typeform responses? Not a problem! Just map question responses in a multiple choice or dropdown question to different tags that you create in ConvertKit. Or you can build a quiz in Typeform with multiple ending screens, all of which can direct to different tags. Either way, this integration automatically syncs responses to your ConvertKit account and adds them as new subscribers or updates ones that are previously listed in your account.

What you need:

  • A Typeform account
  • A ConvertKit account
  • An active typeform that captures the respondent's email address
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