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Create refreshingly attractive, free application forms

“Feels human”

“Feels human”

The one question at a time format feels like a conversation. Your online application will get compliments, not complaints.
Add a personal touch

Add a personal touch

How do you improve the response rate on your application form? Add a little personality using images, video, and animated GIFs.
Easy to complete

Easy to complete

Your application is legible by default—no more squinting or crossed eyes. You come up with the questions, we’ll take care of the rest.

Why use Typeform’s application form template over any other?

We’ve all been there: sat staring at a cold, clunky, ugly application form. Typeform’s builder gives you the power to transform a chore into an engaging experience. With Typeform’s interface, questions spring into action one at a time, avoiding that daunting tower block of text you get with traditional forms. And have you ever had to channel Sherlock Holmes to track down the errors you made in an online form? Typeforms put amateur form detectives out of business. Just add some nice instructions under each question and your applicants will be flying.

What kind of application forms can I create?

All sorts. Landlord with some hot property? Make a rental application form with visuals and drop-down menus to start building trust. Small business owner looking to hire someone special? Make an enticing job application form with the option to upload photos, videos, and docs. College or academy administrator? Design a form sporting your institution’s logo that really smartens up the admissions process. Network executive launching a reality TV show set on Mars? Get those legal questions in there to make sure your applicants are agreeing to disclaimers. This city got in on the action and smartened up their planning application forms.

How can I format my application form?

We’d suggest including welcome screen (yup—a form that says hi). You can change the font, color scheme, and background to make interaction irresistible. Now dive into the juice of the form and ask smart questions to save time later down the line. If it’s an application for work, for example, an open question like: “Tell us about a project you’re particularly proud of” encourages much more input than: “Please list the projects you’ve done”. You could include specific instructions to siphon off people that don’t make the grade. Asking people, for example, to upload a short introductory video of themselves tests basic technical skills and the ability to follow instructions.

So the applicant completes the form. What next?

Do you ever end a conversation by silently rushing out the door? End the process with a friendly thank-you screen and make it clear to the applicant what’s going to happen next. If you want, you can redirect them to another webpage—handy if you’d like people to see a particularly cool part of your website. The real magic, though, happens when you get a friend involved. Hook your typeform up with web integrations via Zapier, and watch them hit it off. Your results can be lovingly handled by Google Sheets, Trello, MailChimp, and many more. If you get a kick from those mobile vibrations, set up email notifications to inform you whenever someone completes you application form. Just pop your feet up and watch the results roll in.

Goodbye forms. Hello typeforms.

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