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Business Forms—save time with customizable templates

Stand out from the crowd with interactive, professional-looking forms. Just pick your template, customize it, and set it live today

 Business Forms—save time with customizable templates

Ready-to-go Business Forms Templates

Smart, good-looking business forms get more answers because they’re fun and engaging. And the best part? It’s easy to get started.

Add your questions and statements, and match your brand’s colors. Then, set up your typeform so it asks people different questions based on what they answer.

Here’s a list of our current templates. Feel free to take your pick, change it however you want, and publish it as your own.

Registration Form
Now they can sign up without being bored to death

Job Application Form
Hire great talent with forms that grab attention

Employee Suggestion Box
Give people a chance to fight for casual Fridays

Lead Generation Template
Transform your lead gen experience

Customer Feedback Template
If you’re not asking for feedback, you’re asking for trouble

Wedding RSVP Template
Save weeks of planning with smart invitations

Expense Reimbursement Template
The first-ever memorable expense reimbursement forms

Emergency Contact Form Template
Collect and access emergency contact details

Teacher Evaluation Form Template
Measure educators’ performance in minutes, on any device

Contact Form Template
Embed your branded contact form right on your website

Incident Report Form
Create a simpler, friendlier way to report incidents

Vacation Request Form Template
Ditch the paperwork

Membership Application Form Template
Truly welcome new members

Self Evaluation Form Template
Improve performance, culture, and goal setting

Event Registration Template
Start the event experience early

Party Invitation Template
Match the theme of the party to the invitation

Volunteer Application Form Template
Show volunteers that you care

Patient Registration Template
Cure boredom first

360 Degree Feedback Template
Bond and improve team performance at the same time

Sign Up Sheet Template
Get in the team spirit before there’s even a team

Employee Evaluation Form Template
Review employee performance quickly and easily online

Template Examples

Here are some typeforms made by designers. Take a look at them, and imagine doing this for your brand.


Lead Generation Template

Customize this template


Job Application Form

Customize this template


Boost conversions

Increase conversions by keeping your leads or staff focused and engaged from start to submit.


Stay on-brand

Data collection is a touchpoint like any other, and can make or break an impression of your brand. So why not turn it into an experience?


Ditch the paperwork

Put your tools to good use and send your Typeform data to MailChimp, Google Sheets, Salesforce, and hundreds more.

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