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Give your healthcare forms a checkup

Save time and serve patients with interactive templates

Give your healthcare forms a checkup

Interactive healthcare forms

Want to improve patient experiences? Cure boredom first—starting with your forms. Pick an interactive, enjoyable template from Typeform, and send it out today.

New Patient Registration Form Template
Begin the treatment early with a better
way to welcome patients

Patient Satisfaction Form Template
Get to know what people think, and
improve your patient experience

Emergency Contact Form Template
Make it a breeze to give crucial info—
to help people before the crisis is here

Online Donation Form Template
Get more pledges with engaging
forms that help people through


Get smart

Set up your typeform so Google Sheets puts every answer in a neat order, just the way you like it. This way you can spend less time finding problems—and more time fixing them.


Get organized

Use File Upload (a PRO feature), and let patients upload medical history right into the typeform.

P.S. we expect to be HIPAA compliant later this year.


Get personal

With Piping, you can use a person’s previous answers anywhere in your typeform to increase engagement and friendliness.

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