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Airtable integration: Question mapping FAQs

Find answers to some common questions about mapping Typeform questions with Airtable.

Need some help troubleshooting the Airtable integration? Take a look at our Airtable integration troubleshooting guide here.

Can I map custom variables from typeform to an Airtable field?

Yes, you can map both Number and Text variables into corresponding Airtable fields.

Is the Ranking question type compatible with Airtable?

Unfortunately no. As a workaround, we recommend using the Google Sheets integration as it’s compatible with all question types including Ranking.

Can I map a typeform question to a Linked record field in Airtable?

No, our integration doesn’t support mapping questions to a Linked record field in Airtable.

Can I map Endings through the Airtable integration?

No, currently you can’t map End Screens or results to Airtable.

The Multiple Choice answer options match the options in the Airtable field, but I’m getting an error, what’s happening?

If you are mapping a Multiple Choice question, the options on both sides must match exactly, including spaces and case-sensitive characters. For example, if one of your Multiple Choice answers is "Typeform", the Airtable field you are mapping to must have the option "Typeform", and not "typeform" or "Type form".

Please also check if the text in your Multiple Choice answer options is in bold or italics in your typeform. If the text to your answer options is bolded or italicized, Airtable considers this as “not an exact match”.

Why do certain Airtable fields not appear in the dropdown list when mapping my typeform questions?

If you have a Long text field in your Airtable base with the Enable rich text formatting toggled on, the Airtable field won't appear in the list of dropdown options when mapping your typeform questions. The Enable rich text formatting setting is currently not supported when you connect Typeform with Airtable via Typeform's Connect panel

You can toggle the Enable rich text formatting setting to off in your Airtable base and then refresh the Connect panel in your Typeform account for the Airtable field to appear. Alternatively, you can add a Typeform Extension to your Airtable base which supports the Enable rich text formatting setting.

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