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Automate Thinkific course reviews with Typeform

You can use a great-looking typeform to get course feedback from your students. Use this integration to automatically send them to the Course reviews section of your Thinkific account.

If you want to recommend new Thinkific courses to your students based on the outcome of a typeform quiz, check out this article.

What you need:

  • A Thinkific Pro+Growth plan, with Courses set up, and students enrolled.
  • A typeform to capture Review Title, Details, Course Rating (out of 5), and Email.

How to set up your Thinkific integration:

1. Go to your Typeform account, and open your review typeform from your workspace. Alternatively, create a review typeform, making sure to include questions as described in What you need above. Here is an example which asks students to enter their email address:


There's a Short Text question for Review Title, a Long Text question for the Review Details, a Rating question for the Course rating, and lastly an Email question to identify your student.

An email question in your typeform is required unless you use Hidden Fields to pass your student's email address from Thinkific to your typeform. 

Here's an example typeform build that uses Hidden Fields to pass the email information:


Here, you will add the student email to the Hidden Field "email", either manually, or using Thinkific's email system which can automate this for you. Here's how to set that up.

2. Click on the Connect panel. Scroll down until you see Thinkific: Course Reviews, and click the Connect button there:


3. Now we have to authorize both your Typeform and Thinkific accounts. Click Allow access, and then Accept on the next screen to connect your Typeform account to Thinkific.


Click Next.


4. Next, enter your Thinkific course subdomain, by clicking Enter Subdomain:


Type your Thinkific subdomain into the empty field, and click Create:


5. Select the course you want to be reviewed from the dropdown menu that appears:


Click Next.

6. To connect your review typeform to Thinkific, you need to connect your typeform's questions to Thinkific fields. Use the dropdown menus on the left to select the corresponding questions, and then click Finish:


You must map either an email question or Hidden Field to the Thinkific Email field, as the integration will not work without an email address from a student registered on your course. Here's a mapping using Hidden Fields:


7. You'll be sent back to the Connect panel, and will see that the Thinkific integration is now active:


You can deactivate it with the green switch, or click the three-dot menu to Edit or Delete your integration entirely:


Note! Email addresses entered into your typeform must correspond to a registered student email on your Thinkific course, or the review will not stored.

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