Data-Access plan

During October 2023, we will be phasing out the Data-Access plan.

During this period, users on the Data-Access plan will be migrated to the Free plan on the date that their monthly subscription ends.

If you are looking to maintain access to your Typeform response data then there’s no need to worry - you will now be able to do this on the Free plan.

We have recently updated the Free plan so that you can now instantly access and download all of your previously collected responses. You're no longer limited to seeing only your 10 most recently received responses.

You can also download your response data without having to wait 14 days, as well as generate reports.

Please note that the Free plan does not include some paid features that you may be using:

Custom link and subdomain

To keep any custom links or subdomains you’ve created, please subscribe to the Plus plan.

Paid integrations

To keep access to any paid integrations you may be using, please subscribe to the Business plan. These integrations include:

- Facebook Pixel

- Google Tag Manager

- Google Analytics

- Salesforce

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