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Get new leads and contacts with Constant Contact and Typeform

You can use a typeform to collect and update contact details, and get them sent right to your Constant Contact lists. Read on to find out how to set this up.

What you need:

  • A Constant Contact account
  • Any Typeform account, and a typeform with at least an Email and Short Text question to collect basic data.

How to set up the integration:

1. Open your typeform from your workspace, and go to the Connect panel. Scroll until you see Constant Contact:


Click Connect.

2. Now we have to connect our Typeform and Constant Contact accounts.
Click New authentication, and then accept in the popup window that appears, to connect Typeform:


You'll see a green message telling you the connection is successful. Click Next.

3. Now click New authentication again on the next screen:


Log into your Constant Contact account in the popup window and hit Allow. Again, a green popup will appear saying the connection is a success:


4. Now we're connected, it's time to decide where to send your typeform submissions in Constant Contact.

First, you can choose to create a new contacts list in Constant Contact, or use an existing list.

Use the Yes/No dropdown to create a new list, or choose an existing list by clicking Add list.


You can also choose whether to allow submissions from your typeform to update already existing contacts or not.

Click Next.

5. To finish, we need to map our typeform questions to Constant Contact. Select your typeform's email question from the first dropdown menu, then map any further questions below by clicking Add a new mapping.

Click Finish, and you're all set!

You can turn off, edit or delete your integration from the Connect panel at any time, using the toggle and three dots menu:


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