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Import typeform responses as Productboard notes

Connect the Productboard API to your typeform, and new responses will automatically sync to your Insights board, making it a cinch to organize feedback and prioritize new ideas. Read on for a guide to setting up the Productboard integration!

To get started with the integration, you’ll need:

  • A typeform with an Email question and at least two other questions
  • A Pro account in Productboard, to generate the API key

1. First, open the typeform you’d like to connect to Productboard. If you haven’t already, click the Publish button in the top right of the Create panel to turn the typeform live.


The notes that the integration creates in Productboard have three fields: Email, Title, and Feedback. To set up the integration properly, your typeform needs an Email question and two other questions, one each for the Title and Feedback fields.

2. Go to the Connect tab. Type ‘productboard’ into the search bar to find the Productboard integration. Once you see it, click Connect:


3. The first step is connecting your Typeform account to the integration. Click Authenticate your Typeform account:


4. A pop-up will appear, asking you to connect the Typeform account you’re currently logged into. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and click Accept:


5. Click Next once you see the ‘Typeform connected’ message:


6. Now, click Authenticate your Productboard account:


7. Paste in your Productboard API key. To generate a key, go to the Integrations settings page in Productboard. Click your profile icon in the bottom left of the screen and choose Integrations:


Scroll to the Public API section and click the + button next to Access token. You must have a Pro plan in Productboard to generate the token.


The key will auto-generate. Click Copy:


8. Back in Typeform, paste the key in the Access Token box and click Create:


9. Click Next once you see the ‘Productboard connected’ message:


10. Map typeform questions to the Title, Email, and Feedback fields in Productboard. Use the dropdown menus to choose one question for each field:


You must map a question to each field, or the integration will not work properly.

If a typeform respondent doesn’t answer the questions that map to the Email and Feedback fields, their answer won’t appear in Productboard at all. (If they leave the question that maps to the Title field blank, their answer will appear in Productboard, but the field value will be ‘undefined’.) For this reason, we recommend making the questions that map to the Email and Feedback fields Required.

You can map Email questions to the Email field. You can map any question type except Matrix to the Title and Feedback fields.

Note: If you map a Picture Choice question to the Title or Feedback fields, only the caption will appear in Productboard, not the corresponding image. If you map a File question to a Productboard field, a link to the file will appear there, not the file itself.

The integration does not currently support mapping Hidden Fields or variables.

Click Finish when you’re done mapping your questions.

11. Your integration is live! New typeform responses will appear as unprocessed notes on your Productboard Insights board:


Here, the email username has become the user’s alias in Productboard. You can edit these aliases within Productboard if necessary.

You can deactivate, edit, or delete the integration in the typeform’s Connect panel. Click the toggle to activate or deactivate the integration. Click the three-dot menu to edit or delete it:


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