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Redirect on completion

Want to take your respondents to another web page once they’re done filling in your typeform? It’s easy to do using the Redirect on completion feature.

Sometimes it can be useful to send people to a page on your site or elsewhere on the web, rather than just show them an Ending. Redirect on completion is a Plus or above plan feature that loads a new web address when the Submit button is clicked at the end of a typeform.

Note: If your account is on a Plus plan or above and your typeform does not already use Redirect on completion, you can now use redirects in Endings to automatically redirect respondents to another webpage after submission. See this guide for more information. If your form does use Redirect on completion, you can switch to redirects in Endings by turning off the toggle described in Step 1 of this guide. Keep in mind that if you switch to the new feature, you will not be able to switch your form back to Redirect on completion. 

Note! If you enable Redirect on completion, any customized Endings you added to the typeform will be skipped.

Here’s an example of Redirect on completion in action:

When someone takes this Harry Potter quiz, they are sent directly to our Online Quiz Templates, where they can make their own. It’s great for lead generation!

How to set up Redirect on completion

To set up a typeform to redirect to any URL when a user hits Submit, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the Settings icon and toggle the switch next to Redirect on completion.


2. Paste in the URL of the page you’d like to redirect the respondent to. In this case, it’ll be the typeform that has our next round of survey questions:


Your URL must be a secure HTTPS address – make sure this is included in your URL or the redirect will not function.

3. If you like, you can use Recall Information to add data from the typeform to the URL by clicking the + sign and selecting a field. Alternatively, you can type the ‘@’ symbol to bring up this list of information. This comes in handy when you want to pass information from one typeform to another, for example to identify respondents. 


Using Hidden Fields as part of your redirect

You can recall information from Hidden Fields as part of your redirect path, like this:


You can also use them as query strings - for example if you want to add UTM source tracking to your URL:


For security reasons, you cannot use Hidden Fields as the entire URL:


You cannot use them as the domain part of the URL:


We do not support the use of pure javascript in the redirect field:


Using Text variables as part of your redirect

You can use Text variables as part of your redirect path, like this:


This is useful for redirecting respondents to different pages on your website, according to their form answers.

Read this article to learn more about adding and changing the value of Text variables. The final values of each Text variable should match the page names you plan to use in the redirect path. 

For security reasons, you will not be able to use the variable as the entire URL, or as the domain of the URL. 

Remember that you can edit the text of the Submit button to say anything you like. For more information see this article: Customize system messages.


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