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Right to be forgotten

In the European Union, GDPR gives you the right to be forgotten, officially known as the right to erasure. It’s not as intense as it sounds – it just means you can ask companies to delete any information they store about you.

So if you want to be forgotten or erased, you just have to ask! We’ll delete all the information we keep about you, with the exception of anything required to comply with the law. One example of this is invoices – these have to be kept for at least four years by law.

We’ve made it easier for you to delete your account, and all the information connected with it. This includes typeforms and workspaces you’ve created, as well as results collected by your typeforms.

Once you confirm that you want to delete your account, we’ll remove/anonymize all the information we have about you. We’ll also delete your information from all our activity logs and data stored in third-party systems. Although the data will be deleted from all ‘live’ systems immediately, please note that the deletion of the information from backup systems can take around 30 days (but the information erased will not be processed nor accessed by anyone).

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