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Show or hide the letters on answers in your typeform

You can customize your typeform to be more on brand by showing or hiding the letters on answer options. Read on to find out how to toggle letters on answers on or off depending on your preferences.

With this feature, you can show or hide the letters before answer options on some question types such as: Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, Yes/No and Legal.


Here’s how the letters on answers switch works:

- When the switch is toggled on, people will see the letters before answers in your typeform.

- When the switch is toggled off, people will see your answers in the same order (unless you’re using the randomize feature), but without the letters.

- The switch is toggled on by default.

Note that the letters on answers toggle works on the form level, so you don’t need to toggle the switch separately for each of your questions within a typeform; the setting will apply to all questions that have letters on answers in your typeform.

To show or hide the letters on answers in your typeform:

1. Open up an existing typeform or create a new one, and go to form Settings.


2. Toggle the Letters on answers switch:


Here’s an example of a typeform with letters on the answers of a Picture Choice question…


…and here’s one without:


This is a Multiple Choice question with letters on answers…


…and this is what it looks like without the letters:


Here’s a Yes/No question with letters on answers…


…and here’s the same question without the letters:


Finally, here’s a Legal question with letters on answer options…


…and this is what the same question looks like without the letters on answers:


If you toggle off the switch to hide the letters, the keyboard shortcuts won't work anymore. For example, on the Legal question with letters on answers, people can press the letter "Y" on their keyboard to select Yes as the answer. If letters on answers is off, pressing "Y" won't do anything.

To comply with accessibility guidelines, respondents can still move between questions and answer options using keyboard navigation arrows or the tab key and select options with the space bar when the letters on answers are hidden.

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