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Typeform pricing changes - what you need to know

Every so often we revisit our different account plans, and see if there are changes we could make that would give our users as much value as possible from Typeform. This is one of those times and here's what you need to know.

Paid plans stay the same

When we make changes to our pricing plans, and you are already on a paid plan, your plan will not change. You can stay on your current pricing as long as you want. We do sometimes make changes to our Free plans, but will always communicate with you beforehand.

New plans are on their way

Our current plans - Essential, Professional, and Premium - have been around for a while. We want to make sure that what we offer keeps up with changes in how people use Typeform, and the new features we develop.

See comparison tables for all our plans.

What new plans are included in this change? 

Our new plans are Basic, Plus, Business, and Enterprise. Click on the name of a plan for feature and pricing details.

Will there still be a Free plan?

Yes. Users on the new Free plan can create an unlimited number of typeforms, with up to 10 questions per typeform and 10 total answers per month. The new Free plan also includes features like Advanced Logic and multiple Endings. This way, users can try out the full power of Typeform right away. 

Learn more about the new Free plan here.

Changing your Typeform plan

Our current plans include VAT or sales tax in the sticker price. Our new plans have VAT or sales tax added on the checkout page. You’ll be able to see the full price you’ll pay, with tax included, before confirming your plan change.

If you're a user on one of the new plans and you'd like to change your plan, click the icon in the top right corner of your screen and choose Settings. Then, choose Plan & billing from the left-hand menu and click Change my plan to upgrade or downgrade to a new plan and add payment information. If you want to downgrade to a Free plan from your current plan, click Change my plan and choose the Free option on the next screen.

Plan upgrades will be active immediately, while plan downgrades will be active starting in the next billing period. 

Learn more about changing your plan here.

Will new features be added to all plans?

Once we roll out our new plans, any future updates to Typeform will only be accessible on accounts with those plans. Customers on older plans will not be able to see or use new features.

Can current customers change to new plans and take advantage of the new features you introduce in the future?

When we launch our new pricing plans, you will be able to upgrade your plan from your Account Settings at the end of your current billing cycle.



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