Use AI to create new typeforms

You can create typeforms from scratch or use templates to get started. You can also use our setup wizard to let AI do some of the work for you. Don’t worry, it’s not out to take your job, but it might save you some precious time.

Here’s how to create a new typeform with the help of AI:

1. Go to your workspace and click + Create typeform.


2. Choose the Create it for me option.


3. Choose some question types you want to include in your typeform, or skip this step if you haven’t decided yet.


4. In this example, I’ll select a Short Text question to ask for people’s full name, the Email question type to ask for their email address, and the Calendly question to book an appointment with them.


5. Now you can give your new typeform a name, select a category from the dropdown list and click Continue.


6. Tadaa! A new typeform has just been created for you with the questions already written for all the question types you’ve selected. You can continue to add more questions to the form or to prettify it however you please.


7. You can also click these sparkling stars next to a question to use Typeform AI to optimize your text:


8. Now you can see a different version of your question and can simply click Use this text to select Typeform AI’s suggestion:


9. If you can resist the urge to ask AI silly questions, you can also optimize your text in a more productive way:


10. Click Rephrase if you want Typeform AI to come up with a different way to phrase your question:


That’s it, really! Go ahead and play around with it yourself. If Typeform AI has just saved you a little time, you can use it to rub your pet’s belly, water your plants, get an ice cream, read a poem, or just make yourself another cup of coffee.

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