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Use Cord to collaborate with your teammates (Enterprise accounts)

Certain Enterprise accounts have beta access to Cord, a feature that lets you collaborate on typeforms with your teammates. If you're included in the beta group, read on to learn how to add comments, start threads, create tasks, connect to other apps, annotate pages, or attach files.

If you have a Typeform team plan, you’ll see a Comment icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click this to launch the collaborative sidebar powered by Cord.


Once you open the sidebar, you’ll see three panels with different functionalities.

You can use the Conversations panel to interact with your teammates: add comments and annotations, create tasks, and attach files.


You’ll find the messages other people sent you, along with your Settings, in the Inbox panel. 


Click the gear icon next to Unread to update your profile. You can use the Email checkbox for notification preferences, or connect to third party apps under Integrations.


When you’re happy with your settings, hit Update your profile.

In the Activity panel, you can get an overview of all the activities in your organization:


Add a comment

You can strike up a conversation with your teammates by adding comments to your Workspace or to the Create, Share or Results panel of a typeform.

To add a comment, use the Annotate page button:


Click Annotate to add a comment to a typeform in a Workspace...


…or in the Create panel of a typeform.


People can then respond to comments…


... Edit or Delete their own comments…


...or tag other people by typing @ and selecting their name from the dropdown list.


To start a new thread, click the Aa button.


With the Annotate button, you can also add comments to a logic flow...


...or to a question in a typeform.


You can also use Annotate to add comments in the Share panel...


...or in the Results panel of a typeform.


Create a task

You can create tasks and assign them to your teammates, or connect these tasks to your favorite project management tools.

Click the Create task button...

...type a comment to let people know what the new assignment is about…


... then integrate the task with the app of your choice. In this example, let’s select Asana:


Click Allow to authorize the app: 


Now you’ll see that the task has been linked to your Asana account:


You can now assign it to a Project in Asana, or change the task type to connect it to a different app.

Attach a file

You can also attach files to your threads to share relevant documents with your teammates.

Click Attach file


...and add something that will help people complete the task.


If at any time you want to hide the collaboration sidebar, simply click X to close it.


You can also use the Open sidebar icon to view a sidebar in the Create panel of your typeform…


....or the Close sidebar icon to hide it.


Now all that’s left is to start exploring the collaborative features with your teammates.


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