Account settings

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You can manage your account and edit your settings painlessly inside the Typeform platform.

Need to change some of your account details, such as your name, email address, or profile image? Head to the Account section. There are two ways to get there:

  • Click here while logged into your account
  • Click on your alias in the upper right corner of your Workspace and select Account

Settings you’ll find in My Account

Here’s a breakdown of all the various settings you can modify in the My Account section, followed by a description of each:

  • Overview
  • Plan + Billing
  • Developer apps


Here’s where you can view and edit your Typeform URL, request data about the typeforms in your account, and delete your account.

  • Edit the URL of your typeforms. Take a look at this Help Center article to find out more.
  • Request your data. Click this and we’ll email you all the data we hold in your account.
  • Danger Zone! If you want to delete your account, it’s as simple as clicking the Delete my account link.

Plan + Billing

Here you can adjust your billing information or change your plan. Please refer to this article to learn more.

Developer apps

You can view the developer apps you’ve registered here, or click Register a new app to add a new one to your account.

For more information on creating and registering your own apps, go to our Developer Portal.