Add images, animated GIFs and videos

You can add images, icons, animated GIFs, and videos to your questions, as well as to the Welcome screen and the Thank You screen. This will help you to brand-up your typeforms with your own logos, design and photography. Be creative, it will improve people’s experience of your typeform!

Here we explain how to add media to your typeforms, going through the process of inserting images, animated GIFs, video, and audio.


There are three ways to add images to your typeform: using our integrated Unsplash-powered library, Noun Project Icon library, or uploading your own image.

Click on any question where you want an image, then click Add next to Image:

Now you can immediately search for a picture via the Unsplash library. Type in a search term, and scroll through the images until you find one you like. I’m looking for kittensAlternatively, click on ICONS to search that library:

In both libraries, click the image you want to appear on your typeform, and the Add image button will become available. Hit this, and the photo will appear on your question!

To upload an image from your computer into a question, Welcome screen, or Thank You screen, simply open the Question settings menu (click the little icon in the sidebar) and hit the ‘Add’ button in the Image section then click Upload, and browse to the image on your computer.

How to add images into a typeform

The images that you use on your typeforms must comply with the following specifications:

  • File format: JPEG, PNG, static and animated GIF (typeforms supports PNG files with transparent backgrounds).
  • File size: 2MB maximum.
  • Regarding image sizes, please refer to this article.

Example of a Picture choice question:

Example of a picture choice question

Animated GIFs

You can add animated GIFs to make your typeforms even more fun to complete. Support for animated GIFs is a free feature, allowing you to add that wow factor to your quizzes, tests, or even job application forms (who doesn’t want to work for a fun company?)

When uploaded, your GIFs will be cropped to the same sizes as all other picture file formats.

Here is an example typeform full of fun animated GIFs!


You can insert YouTube or Vimeo videos into your typeforms. To add a video, click on a question to open the Question Settings menu. Go to the Video section and click the ‘Add’ button. Enter the link to the video and you’ll see the video appear in the Live preview. You can resize the video using the Size slider.

Screenshot showing how to insert a video into a typeform


To add audio files to your typeform, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Upload your audio files to YouTube or Vimeo (individually)
  2. Add a Question group
  3. Use Rating question type as sub-questions
  4. Add the Youtube or Vimeo links with your audio files to the sub-questions

If you just want to display one audio file, almost every question type allows video links, so you just need to choose the question that best suits your needs and add the video link that contains your audio file. If you’re looking to test your new video and GIF skills head over to our survey maker or form builder.