Automate the reload of your typeform on iPad

Make your typeform automatically reload when used as an iPad terminal, to deliver a clean and fresh form to every respondent.

Typeforms are beautiful by nature and a perfect choice when building an iPad kiosk for restaurants, galleries, events and fairs (here is how you can do it). But you need to ensure the typeform will automatically reload.

How to make your typeform auto reload (PRO+ solution)

This is the best solution for building an auto-reloadable typeform, and it requires a PRO+ plan:

  1. Go to the Configure panel of the typeform
  2. Switch the Redirect after submitting button to ON
  3. Paste the URL of the same typeform in the field automate-the-reload-of-your-typeform-ipad-terminal-01
  4. Make sure you click Update settings in the bottom right corner! Update settings

Here is an example:


Launch this typeform to see how it works!

How to make your typeform auto reload (PRO solution)

This solution requires a PRO plan.

  1. Create your typeform without a Welcome screen.
  2. Add a Statement to the end of the typeform. Thank the visitor for their time on this Statement field and prompt them to press the Submit button before they leave.
  3. Create a Thank You screen with the content you would normally add to the Welcome screen: greeting the respondent, your logo, etc. Set the button of the Thank You screen to reload the current form, and configure the button text so it says that the form starts when you click it.

This way, the Thank You screen will act as your Welcome screen. Reloading the form by clicking the button, the screen will display the first question of the typeform.

Here is an example:


Launch this typeform to see how it works!

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