Automate your team’s Typeform workflows with Zapier for Teams

It’s now easier than ever to boost the productivity levels of your entire team with Typeform and workflow automation tool Zapier for Teams. Share access to automated workflows –aka Zaps – with your entire team, so you can work together on the Typeform workflows that power your business.

With Zapier for Teams, you can create your favorite Typeform Zaps:

Then share those Typeform Zaps with your teammates. When you share them, you can also share the Typeform account that you already connected to Zapier. That way, other team members can create Zaps with your Typeform account without you needing to share your Typeform login credentials in a non-secure way.

With this easy sharing capability, your teammates can collaborate on and edit your Typeform Zaps if they need to make any changes. Or, they can make copies of your Typeform Zaps so they can easily replicate your time-saving workflows.

How to Use Typeform with Zapier for Teams.

1. Create your team. Sign up for Zapier for Teams. If you don’t already have a personal Zapier account, you can create one now and will be set as the owner of your team. If you do have a personal Zapier account, it will be upgraded to a team account and assigned as the owner of your team.

2. Enter in the billing information for your team. Any usage from your teammates will be billed to this account. You can keep billing separate from your contact information if you have a different person, such as your finance department, who should be receiving the invoices.

3. Provide a name and logo for your team. Since members can join multiple teams, it’s helpful to name your team clearly so it’s easy to identify. Your team’s name and logo will appear in their account switcher and in any invitations you send.

4. Invite your teammates! Enter the email addresses of each person you want to invite to your Zapier team. If they don’t have a Zapier account already, they’ll be able to create one for free—or, if they do have an account then they’ll be added as a member of your team when they accept the invite. There’s no cost for adding a team member—to you or the person you invite.

5. Transfer your existing Typeform Zaps. If you or a teammate have an existing Zapier account that you added to a team, you can easily move your favorite Typeform Zaps from your personal account to your team account. Moving Zaps to the team account will allow the usage of those workflows to be billed to the team instead of their personal account.6. Share some Zaps. Either move a Zap you would like to share from your private folder to a shared folder—or create a new Zap in a shared folder. Everyone on your team will then have access to view, edit, or copy your newly shared workflow.