Automated Hidden Fields with MailChimp

Now that you have mastered the art of Hidden Fields, it’s time to learn how to send a custom URL to each person that receives your typeform.

For instance, imagine that you are going to launch a mailing campaign using MailChimp and you want to greet your clients by their first name when they open a customer satisfaction survey you send out. MailChimp provides an easy way to dynamically add values to your newsletters using merge tags: click here for more information.

In this example we are going to use the merge tag *|FNAME|*. This merge tag represents the first name of the user in your MailChimp list. Simply paste it where the xxxxx is in the URL of the Typeform with a Hidden Field, and voilà, once you send out the mail, each recipient will receive an email with a distinct typeform URL:

Merge Tag

For instance, if your client’s first name was Jamie the URL would be:

And, when Jamie receives the email and launches the typeform with the unique URL in a browser, he will be greeted by his first name if you pipe the Hidden Field:

Using the example above, it would be:*|URL:FNAME|*