BASIC (free) plan

Our BASIC plan lets you create typeforms for free. Anyone can sign up for a BASIC account and start using Typeform to capture data with attractive, conversational forms.

What do you get for free?

The BASIC plan gives you the tools you need to create amazing typeforms and collect data in an interesting and engaging way. You can:

  • Create an unlimited number of typeforms with a limit of 10 questions each*.
  • Collect up-to 100 responses per typeform per month.
  • Keep your typeforms and the data collected through them for an unlimited time.

Features included in the BASIC plan:

List of icons of question blocks supported in the Typeform BASIC plan

How to sign up for a BASIC account

It’s very easy to set up a Typeform account and start using the platform for free. Read this article to find out to create your account.

How to cancel a BASIC account

This article explains how to delete your Typeform account. We’ll be sorry to see you go!

How to upgrade to a PRO account

A BASIC account is a great way to create and publish simple and attractive conversational forms. However, if you upgrade to a PRO account you can make your typeforms more engaging, personalized, and on-brand.

The PRO plan includes advanced features such as Logic Jump, Hidden Fields, Respondent notifications, and Calculator.

Find out more about the benefits of our PRO features and how to upgrade in this article.

How to upgrade to a PRO+ account

A PRO+ plan gives you even more functionality than a PRO account. Among the additional features are the ability to remove Typeform branding, and the power to manage teams of users.

The benefits of a PRO+ plan are outlined here, and you can find out how to upgrade to PRO+ via this article.

*When using Question Groups, every question inside your group counts as part of your 10 question limit.