Make a brand awareness survey with Typeform

Typeforms are a great way to do market research about your brand. Our conversational, one-question-at-a-time design, will help you get excellent completion rates.

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Here’s how to build a brand awareness survey that people will enjoy completing.

1: Start off with a Welcome screen.

branding 1

Upload a branded image – we’re using our brand’s logo. Add text, your branded message, first, and a description if necessary. Our description tells people what they’ll get out of taking the survey.

Now we get straight into the questions. It’s best to get right to the point – the longer a survey takes, the less likely people are to finish it.

2: We start with an Opinion scale. We want to know whether the respondent considers themselves knowledgeable about headphones.branding 23: Next, a Long text question. Without any prompts, we want to know what headphone brands the respondent knows.branding 34: Next up is a Picture choice, asking which of a selection of brands our respondents have heard of. We’ve uploaded pictures of the brands’ logos, while keeping the whole thing in line with the overall color scheme of our typeform.branding 45: We’ve put “Supersize” on for bigger pictures, enabled “Multiple selections” as we don’t want to limit respondents to one, and also “Randomize”. This is important, as it’s possible some respondents might just click the first image. If the order isn’t randomized, results might be unfairly biased towards whatever brand A is:Picture choice settings6: Then we want to know how well our brand is known, with another Opinion Scale.branding 67: We finish with an Email question, so we can send respondents a reward for completing the typeform.branding 7To give your typeform a consistent look, make a background image that works for your brand, and upload it in the Design panel. Experiment with the Brightness slider. Find out more about images. branding 8


As you can see, this brand awareness survey is not very long. To get the highest completion rates, shorter is better. Think about what you really want to learn with your survey. There’s a temptation to make a really long survey with a ton of questions, but unless it’s totally necessary we don’t recommend it. There’s no point in a survey if no one completes it!

If you want to do an extensive survey, try a series of linked short typeforms instead of one long one. This has the advantage of collecting information even if respondents don’t complete the whole series. Here’s how.

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