Branding guidelines and tips

We designed typeforms to feel like human conversation: asking one question at a time. You can also tweak the design of typeforms in minutes to fit your brand’s look and feel.

Have a look at these three examples: they were all built on the Typeform platform, but their look and feel are very different.

Here are some neat tips on how to make your typeform blend into your website and match your brand design.

Adjust the colors

You can adjust the colors of your typeform to suit your brand under the Design panel of your typeform:

  • Adjust the colors of your typeform to suit your brand by following the steps in this article.
  • Adjust the background color or set a background image that will reflect your brand using this article.

Select the font

We offer a wide range of fonts to choose from. Go ahead and select the one that suits your needs. Check out our article on the Font library for more details.

Add your logo

There are various places where you could add the logo of your brand in a typeform:

  1. Create an image and add the logo to the top left corner (on small-screen devices the background image will be anchored to the top left corner then cropped to match the screen).
  2. Upload it to your background images under the Design panel.

Here is an example typeform with a logo in the upper left corner:

And what it looks like on a mobile device:

Customize messages

You can change much of the text on a typeform, such as system messages and the text of the progress bar. Edit these to your liking to promote your brand! Everything you need to know is here.