How to build a Matrix question

Matrix questions let you ask respondents to rate multiple items within a single question.

Matrix questions are similar to Likert scale and Rating questions, and consist of multiple, sentiment-based questions presented in a grid. You can build a Matrix question whenever you want to collect data from a set of questions that have identical answers:

Why use Matrix questions?

We recommend using Question Groups for Matrix questions. By asking one question at a time the process is more human and more engaging, and doesn’t overwhelm the respondent. This helps to increase response rates.

Benefits of using Matrix questions:

  • Questions are easier to read.
  • It’s an entertaining experience, helping to reduce bad survey-taking behavior.
  • You’ll get more varied answers for each item (respondents are less likely to select the same responses every time).
  • It helps to eliminate randomly selected responses

Matrix questions are also a great way to gather information on respondent satisfaction levels. For example, suppose your respondent just had dinner at Awesome Dining and you’d like to know how he or she enjoyed the experience. You could create the following Question Group: “How would you rate Awesome Dining?” and ask a few Rating questions to collect responses:

How to create a Matrix question

1. Start by selecting the Question Group option from the menu. Enter your question text in the space provided, as indicated in the screenshot.

How to add a question group block

2. Now enter the first thing you want people to rate as a sub question. You’ll need to select a question type for the sub question from the Question settings drop-down menu. You can use either Rating or Opinion Scale (in this example, we’re using Rating).

Add a Rating sub question

3. To make Rating questions more interesting you can add images and videos, adjust the number of steps, and even change the shape of the stars (to something that isn’t a star!) This is done via the Question Settings menu. The end result is shown in the live preview panel.

Adjust the properties

4. Finish adding all of the items you want people to rate as sub questions. If you are using Rating questions be sure to tinker with Question settings as we did in the previous step.

Finish up

Now you can share your Matrix question typeform and start collecting results.