Build an educational welcome pack

When you upgrade to a PRO+ Typeform account, we send you a welcome pack in a typeform. It teaches you the basics of using Typeform and PRO+ accounts, and you can use it as a model for any educational reference tool you want.

Our welcome pack is divided into 6 chapters, and you can jump to whichever you want from the first question, using Logic Jumps.

Here’s the basic idea:Welcome pack concept1. To create this in a typeform, we’ll start with a Multiple Choice that lets you choose what you want to find out:PRO+ Welcome

Note that we’ve added a variablename- to it. This comes from a Hidden Field – we know who our PRO+ users are, so we pipe that information through using our CRM (Customer Resource Management) system. Find out more about how to do that here.

2. Each choice in this question will lead to a Question group, offering lots of information about each subject.  Before we add the Logic Jumps, we need to create each Question group.

Here’s our first, What’s a PRO+ account?Section one3. Add your Question group, then drag in the different questions types you need.

As this is mainly information, we’ve added a series of Statements, and uploaded images and videos to them where necessary.

4. The last field in each group is a Yes/No question, which asks if you want to continue the guide, or stop for now. This will also require a Logic Jump, but before we do that, create all the Question groups you need to connect to your first Multiple choice question.

So, now you have a your Multiple choice question, followed by a series of Question groups.

5. We also added a Short text question to the end, just before the Thank You screen, so people can leave us feedback about the guide before they leave:Feedback

Now we’ll link everything together intelligently with Logic Jumps.

6. Mouse over your first question, so the Logic Jump icon appears. Find out more about applying Logic Jumps here. Each Logic Jump will take you to a different Question group, depending on what is selected, so you add one Logic Jump for each Question group as below:image037. Now your first Multiple choice is linked to each Question group, it’s time to link each of them together.

The last question in each Question group is the Yes/No asking if you want to continue to the next section, or leave.Yes/No question

So we need two Logic Jumps on each of these Yes/No questions. Here’s an example:Logic Jumps

The first jump leads to the next Question group in the typeform, and the second leads to our optional feedback question.

8. The only difference is in the last Question group. Here we ask if you want to see anything else, or you have finished. So for this we add a Logic Jumps that sends users back to the start if they want to. The second jump leads to our feedback question again.Alternate Yes/No question

Whatever information you want to show to people, by splitting it into easily digestible chapters and joining them up with Logic Jump, you can create a really useful and easy-to-use guide just like this.