How to change or cancel your Typeform subscription

If you ever want to change or cancel your subscription, here’s how.

You can read more about what happens when you cancel your subscription in the relevant section of this article.

When you’re sure you want to cancel, here’s what you have to do:

1. Log in to typeform. From your Workspace, click the account avatar in the top right corner:From this menu, choose Plan + Billing.

2. You can now see your current typeform plan and billing information:
Scroll down, and you’ll see two buttons. One to change your subscription, and one to cancel it:

4. Click Change my Subscription if you want to sign up to a different plan.

5. From the next screen, choose the plan and billing period you want.

6. Now you’ll see a message explaining which features you will lose by downgrading your account:
If you’re sure, scroll down the page until you see the button I still want to downgrade, and click:

7. Now you’ll be back in the Plan + Billing section. You’ll see a new message showing you how long you have left before your subscription changes. Remember that your plan and available features will not change until the end of your current billing period:

8. If you click Cancel my subscription from the Plan + Billing section, you’ll see this page, explaining that your account is being downgraded to Free:

9. If you’re sure about this, scroll down and click the button I still want to downgrade:
You will be taken to the Plan + Billing page, with a new message explaining how much time there is before your account is downgraded (at the end of your current billing period):