Close your typeform to new entries

Stop people accessing your typeform before it’s finished, or close it once a deadline has passed. You can do this with a couple of clicks from your Build panel.

This little trick will help you unpublish your typeform in an elegant way, hiding it from view, without deleting it from your account or making it unavailable to users (see the article Private and Public – the two modes of your typeform).

To close a typeform:

  1. Open your typeform,
  2. go to the Welcome screen,
  3. and disable the Button so it says “OFF”
  4. Remember to hit the Save button at the bottom of the panel!

The button will be removed from the Welcome screen and no visitor will be able to run the typeform:

Welcome screen Button OFF

The advantages of closing your typeform instead of deleting it are:

  • The data you’re working with will remain stored in your Typeform account. In case you want to delete your typeform, make sure you export your results first.
  • You can duplicate the typeform anytime you need to launch a very similar one.
  • Your users will see the typeform’s Welcome screen. If they navigate to your typeform after your campaign deadline, they won’t find an error message waiting for them but your branded Welcome screen instead.
  • You can use your Typeform account as a repository of your typeform campaigns and organize them into Workspaces.
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