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We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs on the left to switch articles.

Saving new typeform entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

If you want to save your new Typeform entries directly to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you can do that using Zapier.

You will need:


  1. Getting your accounts ready
  2. Connecting your accounts

Getting your accounts ready

To connect your Typeform account to Zapier, you will need an active Typeform account, and an active form. For more on getting started with Typeform, go here. To learn more about getting started with Typeform on Zapier, start here.

To link your Typeform account to Google Sheets, make sure you are logged in, and have created a new sheet for this purpose. Start with a blank spreadsheet, not a template – you need to set this up very carefully, and a Google Sheets template can make this more complicated!

You can learn how to get started with Google Sheets on Zapier, with this tutorial.

Connecting your accounts

Click here to Save new Typeform entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

  1. Choose your Typeform account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
  2. To connect a new Typeform account you will need to plug in your personal API key, found under the API heading in the My Account section of your Typeform account. API KEY
  3. Choose the Forms you wish to use from your Typeform account. New entry
  4. Follow the directions on the Zap to ensure your document is set up correctly.
  5. Choose your Google Sheets account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
  6. Choose both the Spreadsheet you created for your Typeform entries, and the Worksheet. Action fields
  7. Click Save + Finish.

Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you’re satisfied with the results, new Typeform entries will be automatically saved to your Google Sheets document as new rows.

You can then apply formulas to it as necessary, make a pivot table and more. Make sure to maintain the basic structure of the sheet, with columns correctly titled like your typeform’s results table.

Merge submissions / results from various typeforms into a single Google Sheets spreadsheet

You can send entries from more than one typeform to a single Google Sheets spreadsheet.

This is an excellent automated solution if you want to:

  • merge results from typeforms that have the same content, but in different languages
  • Typeforms you duplicate each month to get monthly reports, but where you’d also like to have merged results for the entire year

Follow the same steps as above and once done, create a second Zap connecting typeform #2 with the same Google Sheets spreadsheet. Note that you will need to use the same column headers if you want results inside the same worksheet.

You can also check out all that’s possible with Typeform on Zapier, and other ways to connect Typeform and Google Sheets.

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