Get scheduled reports for typeforms with Digest by Zapier

With Digest by Zapier, you can create scheduled reports of submissions to your typeforms. If you have a typeform with lots of submissions, this is a neat way of being sent results regularly, instead of after every submission.

To set up a Digest, you need a Zapier account, and a live typeform.

1. Log in to your Zapier account, and click Make a Zap!

2. Choose Typeform as your trigger app. Either scroll to find it, or use the search bar.

3. You won’t have any choice in the next step, New Entry will be selected, so just click Continue.

Digest 1

4. Now either select your connected Typeform account, or click Connect a New Account and follow onscreen instructions.Digest 2

5. Now you’ll see a drop down menu. This lists all of your typeforms, so select the one you want to use.

Digest 3

6. Next you have to select an Action. Type Digest in the search bar, and click the icon to select it.Digest 4

7. Now we have to select the Digest Action. Select Append Entry and Schedule Digest.Digest 5

8. Now you can set up how your Digest will look. Give it a name, and then in the Entry field, choose what you want to include:Digest 6Click the icon on the right to bring up a list of options from your typeform. You can include answers from any question, and other data like submission time. You can also add text and formatting of your own, to make it ‘more human’. Check out this article on formatting emails for more detail.

9. Choose the frequency and time of day that you want to receive your Digest, and whether or not you want it on weekends. Why not keep weekends for yourself? You can also set up manual times, or trigger a Digest after a certain threshold has been reached.Digest 710. Next you’ll be asked to test the Digest. Assuming the test is successful, you can continue and choose how to receive your Digest.Digest 811. We’ll set up this Digest to be sent by email. So click the + button on the left menu, to add another Action. Choose Gmail from the list of apps, and select Send Email from the menu that appears. You can also use Mail by Zapier, SMTP by Zapier, and more.Digest 912. Connect to a Gmail account, following onscreen instructions, and then setup the email you want to be sent.

Choose the recipient address, etc, and the email subject, then move on to the Body, to add your Digest content. Click the icon on the right, which will load a menu, and then pick Append Entry and Schedule Digest from that list.Digest 1013. Click Continue, and Zapier will perform a test. Assuming it’s successful, all you need to do now is click the ON/OFF button to activate your Digest.Digest 11Now you’ll receive your Digest, based on submissions to your typeform at the next scheduled time, (assuming your typeform is getting submissions).

Read more about Digest by Zapier.