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Customized linked file for each respondent

Unfortunately, you can’t customize each typeform for each different respondent. You can, however, add a link wherever you please on the typeform to the archive (can be an image or a PDF file) hosted on a file repository such as Dropbox, and make the link dynamic in order to point to different archives depending on the user identity using Hidden Fields.

Here is a simple example:

  1. You have two contacts; let’s give them identifiers 1 and 2. You want to send them a link to a different image.
  2. Create both images, with the same name, except one character, which will be the user identifier. For this example the files will be on one of Typeform’s servers and will be:
  3. Create the typeform and enable the Hidden Fields in it, creating a new Hidden field called, for instance, “contact_id”. For this example, the default URL of the typeform will be
  4. Add a question, for instance a Statement question type, and insert in its description section a link to one of the images.
  5. Replace the section of the URL that stores the contact’s identifier with the Hidden field’s variable.
  6. Send each contact a personalized URL to the typeform, with the contact’s identifier in the Hidden field.

In our example, for the contact with identifier “1“, the URL would be:

and for the contact with identifier “2“, the URL would be:

Open the typeforms and test the URLs inside the Statement question: you will see that they lead you to different images 🙂