Data API Migration Instructions (for /v0)

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The /v0 endpoint will be deprecated on 2016-07-11.

It will be replaced by /v1.

Please note there is only one significant + potentially breaking change from v0 to v1. The JSON format for v1 is exactly the same as for v0 apart from the “id” attribute on individual responses, which has been dropped.

/v1 API docs can be found here:

Why this change?

  1. The changes in v1 are in preparation for some backend upgrades that will ensure future scalability of our service, and to make way for our Webhooks release.
  2. Using “v1” vs “v0” allows us to monitor API requests on both endpoints to see who has successfully migrated to the new endpoint and who is still stuck on “v0”.


  1. (Simplest + most likely) If you’re not relying on the “id” attribute for anything:
    The only thing you need to change in your code is the base URL — switch out ‘/v0’ for ‘/v1’ and you’re done.
  2. If you’re currently relying on each response’s “id” attribute to check for uniqueness:
    You need to change your code to use the “token” attribute instead. Please note the “token” field is the real unique identifier of each response — the deprecated “id” attribute is really just a sequential identifier / response number.
  3. If you’re currently relying on the “id” attribute to check for new responses:
    You need to change your code to use the “date_submitted” attribute and “since” parameter instead.

Other additions for /v1

  • Token Parameter
    We’ve added a ?token={token} parameter to /v1 which allows you to fetch a single response, identified by its token.

What about a new Typeform API?

We’ve just released webhooks, and with our new Head of APIs joining us here in Barcelona very soon, we will be releasing new public APIs later this year to give developers access to the full power of the Typeform platform.

Hopefully this latest change is straightforward for you and causes minimal disturbance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Submit a ticket using the button Contact Support below, and we will get back to you shortly after.

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