Date question

Need to ask for date of birth, add an appointment scheduler, or test your respondents’ knowledge about historical days? You can do all that with the Date question!

Date field 02

We offer the 3 most popular date formats used worldwide:

  • Month-Day-Year
  • Year-Month-Day
  • Day-Month-Year

Select your preferred format from the Structure dropdown:

You can also set the separator by picking one from a list of icons:

Finally, as always, you can add photos, animated GIFs or videos to this question too.

Please refer to the article How to set Logic Jumps? to learn how to use Logic Jumps with the Date field.

Create a custom date field

If you’d like to have a customized date question, for instance, you’d only like to offer a short range of dates or the days of the week, you can simply use the Multiple Choice, the Picture Choice or the Dropdown question.

In this example we have used a Picture choice and added icons for the days:

Date field 05

You may only want to collect a year input (vs day, month and year). Use a Number question (with a limited range) or a Dropdown question for that. If you opt for the latter, you can simply copy and paste or type in all possible years (e.g. 1900 – 2015).

In case you want to add time in HH:MM format, simply create a Question group and add 2 Number questions:

  • one for the hour, value range from 0 to 24
  • one for the minutes, value range from 0 to 59.