Delete responses

There are two ways you can reset (delete) answers of your typeform.

Delete responses

You can delete the responses of your typeform but note that the metrics on the number of visits (Analyze > Metrics) will not reset.

In order to delete responses:

  1. open your Typeform for editing
  2. go to the Analyze panel
  3. go to the Results section Delete responses 01
  4. select the responses you want to delete Select result
  5. and click on the trash icon in the top right corner of the screen. Note that this will permanently delete your results.Delete result

Reset all data (including metrics)

If you would like to reset all of the data including the number of visits, you could duplicate the typeform and then delete the old one with the data. Make sure you export your data before deleting the old typeform or else your collected results will be lost.

Do you want to learn how to test a typeform without the responses being recorded? Check out our article on Sandbox.

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