How Dollar Flight Club manages leads using Typeform, HubSpot, and Slack

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“The first rule of Dollar Flight Club is that you don’t talk about Dollar Flight Club”. Actually that’s rubbish. We were more than happy to sing about this company’s Typeform use case on our blog.

The company partners with advertisers to serve flight deals to its subscribers. They are using Typeform to acquire leads for their partnerships program. Kyle Maltz, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Dollar Flight Club told us how they created a simple yet eye-catching contact form then rigged it up to HubSpot and Slack to make sure every opportunity was pounced on.

Dollar Flight Club’s solution consists of:

  1. A form to collect details from companies interested in partnering with them.
  2. A HubSpot integration to send the data to Dollar Flight Club’s marketing and CRM software.
  3. A Slack integration to send the sales team and alert when a new prospect completes the typeform.

Here’s what the typeform looks like:

Here, we explain how all of this was set up, allowing you to build a similar solution to capture and manage leads yourself:

Creating the form

Dollar Flight Club adapted our Contact Form template to create their lead generation typeform. They personalized the template with their own questions to capture information from companies that were interested in partnering or advertising with them. Here’s what’s inside it:

1. The Welcome Screen ushers people into this simple typeform. Dollar Flight Club added their own company logo (see how, here), amended the intro text, and changed the call to action in the button text.

Screenshot showing how to set up a Welcome screen

2. Contact information is captured in a conversational way. The respondent’s name is piped into the Email question to make things feel a bit friendlier. All of the contact information is set to ‘Required’ as it’s essential to be able to send to Dollar Flight Club’s CRM (read on to find out how this is done).

Screenshot showing how contact information is collected in the typeform

3. Dollar Flight Club added a couple of Multiple Choice questions to be able to funnel leads based on their budget and the type of collaboration they’re looking for.

Screenshot showing how to set up Multiple Choice blocks

4. The typeform was then embedded on the Dollar Flight Club site where it can be completed by potential partners. Check out this Help Center article to find out how to embed your typeform.

Screenshot showing how the typeform was embedded on a website

Sending leads data to HubSpot

In order to integrate results with their sales pipeline, Dollar Flight Club sends the contact information they collect through the typeform to both HubSpot and the HubSpot CRM. At the moment they are doing this via Zapier.

You can read more about how the workflow is set up on Zapier’s blog and click here to set the Zap up for yourself.

Alternatively, you can use Typeform’s native HubSpot integration to send the data. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Click on the Integrate tab and select the Connect button next to the ‘Send New Contacts to HubSpot’ option.

Screenshot showing where to access Typeform integrations

2. Connect to your HubSpot account by completing your login details. Then select which question to pull the email address from (in this case, it’s the Email question).

Screenshot showing how to connect to a HubSpot account

3. Now you can match other questions in your typeform to the contact properties in HubSpot. Click ‘Let’s do this’.

Screenshot showing how to map questions to HubSpot properties

4. You can now go through and map the questions you’ve asked to the corresponding contact properties you’d like to update in HubSpot.

Screenshot showing how the mapping works

5. Now log into your HubSpot account and you’ll be able access this new lead via your Contacts.

Screenshot showing updated HubSpot contact

Sending new leads to the sales team via Slack

Besides sending new lead information to HubSpot, Dollar Flight Club also pushes the contact data collected the typeform to the sales team’s Slack channel so they can respond accordingly. You can do this with our Slack integration, in case you want to set up something similar yourself:

1. Go back to the Connect panel, and scroll until you find the Slack integration. Click Connect.

2. You need to connect to your Slack account. Follow on screen prompts, or if you have previously connected Slack to Typeform, you can choose it from the dropdown menu:

3. Now find and select the Slack channel or contact you want to send your answers to, and click I’m done:

4. Next you can choose whether to send all answers to your Slack channel, or choose specific questions. As this typeform collects leads for a Sales team, we’ll go Send them all:

5. All that’s left to do is click Activate integration, and you’re all set. You’ll see a message immediately in your Slack channel, announcing your successful integration!

Read more about our Slack integration here.

Now it’s over to you…

That’s how Dollar Flight Club made a lead capture form and integrated with their sales and marketing stack to be able to respond to new opportunities quickly and effectively.

As you can see, it’s all pretty simple to set up. If you do need some help getting set up you can grab the Contact Form template that Dollar Flight Club used, here, and use this to start you off.