Embed your typeform on Squarespace

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So you’ve built an awesome typeform, and want to share it on your Squarespace site. It’s simple using our embed code, and will work seamlessly on your site! Read on to find out how.

You will need:

Step 1

Select the typeform you wish to share, from your Workspace. Click on Share from the menu bar at the top, and choose Embed in a web page

Step 2

Select the code and copy!

Step 3

Now, go to your Squarespace builder and choose the page where you would like to embed your typeform.

Step 4

Select EDIT and then the + sign to add a Block. squarespace-embed-02

Step 5

When a pop-up menu appears, scroll down to the More section and select Codesquarespace-embed-04

Step 6

Now, paste the typeform embed code into the box provided and click Applysquarespace-embed-05

Step 7

Once you have clicked Apply, you may see the following message. Don’t worry! This is just a Squarespace security measure, you can select Preview in Safe Mode to view your typeform. squarespace-embed-06


Step 8

To hide the typeform whilst editing, select Exit Safe Preview. Remember though, your typeform will still appear to visitors of your site! squarespace-embed-08