Embed your typeform on Google Sites

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It’s easy to embed a typeform on the vast majority of websites: the standard embed code which Typeform provides will work seamlessly. But unfortunately Google Sites is a bit different, and a slightly different embedding process is required.

You will need:

  • a Google Sites account
  • a blank page on one of your sites
  • the typeform you want to embed on that page

Step 1

Navigate to the blank page where you want to embed your typeform, and activate the editor (click the Edit button). Click on Insert on the menu bar, and select More gadgets from the dropdown.

More gadgets

Step 2

You should now see the ”Add a gadget to your page” window, and a search box where you can search gadgets. Search for the keyword “iframe” and select Include gadget (iframe), as shown below:


Step 3

Paste your typeform’s Public URL into the URL to content (required) field, and choose its width and height.

We also recommend unchecking the options to “include a border around gadget” and “Display a title on gadget”. So your configuration might look something like this:


Step 4

Save your changes and open your web page to see your typeform embedded.

To learn on embedding options, please refer to the article: Embed a typeform.