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We have a WordPress plugin to embed a typeform anywhere in your posts or pages, and customize the size it appears. It’s super simple!

This is how you get it to work:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Open the Plugins menu and click Add NewEmbed your typeform on WordPress 01
  3. Search for the “Typeform” plugin or click here.Embed your typeform on WordPress 02
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Once installed, you’ll see a new button labelled Add typeform when editing a post. Click the button: Embed your typeform on WordPress 03
  6. A modal window with several fields will appear: Embed your typeform on WordPress 04 UPDATED
    1. Typeform URL: this is the only required field. Just paste the URL of your typeform (which you’ll find in Typeform’s Share panel). It will look something like https://hello.typeform.com/to/Mkg0Tc
    2. Embed type: select from Embed (widget), Popup or Drawer: Embed your typeform on WordPress 07
    3. Width (optional): input the width you want your typeform to show in px, rem, or em. If you don’t enter anything, it will fill the full width available.
    4. Height (optional): input the height you want your typeform to show in px, rem, or em. If you don’t enter anything, it will be 500 px high.
    5. Link style: this only applies if you embed your typeform as a Popup or a Drawer. Select from Link or Button: Embed your typeform on WordPress 08
    6. Link text: define what text the Link or Button will display
  7. Click OK and a placeholder will be added to the post. Your typeform will automatically load when your post is published:

Embed your typeform on WordPress 05

You can now preview your post to see how it looks.

Clicking in the placeholder box will let you:

  1. Edit the typeform URL, width, and height (the pencil icon).
  2. Remove the typeform (the X icon): Embed your typeform on WordPress 06

Using Visual Composer? Great news: the Typeform plugin is compatible and you can integrate it into your blocks:

Visual Composer

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