Embed your typeform on WordPress

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If you have a WordPress site and want to use typeforms, we have a plugin to make is as simple as possible. It makes integrating typeforms into your site super easy. This article explains the features and how to use them.

The Typeform WordPress plugin has two functions. You can use it to add an existing typeform, or create a simple contact form from scratch.

First, you need to install the plugin. You can download it here. Login to your WordPress account and follow these instructions.

Now you’ll find a new button in WordPress when you write or edit a post:

Click this button to open the plugin and add a typeform to your page.

Add an existing typeform.

1. Click Embed an existing typeform

2. Choose Drawer, Popup or Embed from the options, and whether you want your typeform to be activated by a link or a button. If you choose Embed, you can also define the width and height it will appear on your site:

3. Once you’ve chosen your options, click OK, and the code will be added to your WordPress post. You will see this when in Visual mode:Click on the pencil icon at any time to edit your embed settings.

Create a contact form

Collect contact details easily. This creates an embedded or popup form that people can fill in on your site. You don’t even need a Typeform account to use it. Simply add the email address where you want to receive your contact details, and you’re good to go.

1. Click Build a basic typeform

2. Choose text for your three questions – Name, Email and Message field. They are filled with friendly default text, but you can change them to whatever you want.

3. Enter an email address – this is where your results will be sent.

4. Choose your Embedding Options. You can have a Drawer, Popup or Embedded typeform.

As above, with the Embed option, you can also choose the height and width, or stick with the default settings. You can always experiment, and edit these settings whenever you want.

Using Visual Composer? Great news: the Typeform plugin is compatible and you can integrate it into your blocks:

Visual Composer